GSQT – GMAT chạy thử score is a bit confusing for students, especially for the Verbal & Quantitative sections because they are percentage points. Most people don’t fully understand how lớn score GMAT chạy thử (latest version).

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What is GMAT?

GMAT is a standardized test designed lớn assess students’ ability and comprehension when applying lớn graduate programs in bố at US universities.

This is an exam lớn assess the level và ability of students khổng lồ apply for masters & doctoral programs in BA. Specifically, GMAT certificate assesses the skills of using language, quantitative, analytical writing that you have in the learning và working process.

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GMAT sections

Analytical Writing Assessment30 minutes1 essay
Integrated Reasoning30 minutes12 questions
Quantitative75 minutes37 questions
Verbal75 minutes41 questions

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Students can use the conversion chart khổng lồ deduce their total score. From here you can estimate your own Verbal and Quantitative scores lớn get the results you want. For example, if you want to achieve 650 points then you will estimate the number of Verbal or Quantitative sentences you can achieve. If you are better at Quantitative than Verbal, then you should choose a higher màn chơi of Quantitative lớn “help” your Verbal score.

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