cut trong tieng anh la gi

She practiced cutting and pulled out her own hair.

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In the pilot cuts the two seas, islands of the blessed and cruise fright.

There is also a studio cut đoạn Clip for the tuy vậy.

The new government also decided to tát cut the pay of senior ministers.

It was cut to tát 2,000 metres in 1988.

Land was first prepared for crops by cutting the smaller trees, grubbing out the underbrush, and girdling the large trees.

The latter has contributed to tát extensive deforestation, cutting down pines and cedars.

It can be grown from cuttings or seed.

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The cutting was deepened and widened requiring the demolition of the dilapidated stationmaster's house.

After dropping them off and cutting off his frequently ridiculed ponytail, he arrives at the show in the interval.

The banks get worried and cut back credit.

One obvious way is to tát cut back on health care.

In recent years hundreds of thousands of dollars in upload savings have gone into other social assistance programs that were cut back by the province.

In other words, we've really cut back to tát emergency situations.

Some banks have cut back hiring on campus.

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