describe a place in a village that you visited

Describe a place in a village that you visited

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  • Where it is?
  • When tự you visit this place?
  • What tự you tự there?
  • And how tự you feel about this place?

Sample Answer of Describe a Place in A Village that You Visited

Villages are small places having rural settlements. They are larger than vãn a hamlet and smaller than vãn a town settlement. Villages mostly have inhabitants of about 500 to tát 2500 populated around the centre point. Villages have the most wonderful places, but I lượt thích most the field area. The field area gives the paradise scenes green all around.

My college friends decide to tát visit the village during summer vacations. We phối a plan, and the day is decided. On the day, we went to tát the Marina village where my grandfather was lived. This village is my inheritance where all my elders lived, but my father migrated to tát the đô thị due to tát a job.

I spend a great part of my life here. This place has more memories of my childhood. I spend every vacation with my grandfather. But, after his death, I never come again. Moreover, I came here after a long period. We reached there and greeted everyone. We enjoy the traditional food with traditional drinks. We had great fun with everyone there.

We go to tát visit the fields having the engulfing endless wheat and the plethora of sunflower which gives the picturesque view. It gives the paradise view which calms us. It provides great peace with the fragrance of soil. The views are so sánh attractive which foots print some special moments in our mind.

Follow-ups of Describe a Place in A Village that You Visited

Question 1:- Do young people enjoy living in the countryside?

Answer:- People lượt thích to tát enjoy the countryside which has been living there for a large time period. They are often and regularly habit of it. But, the countryside has some limitations because having less technology and transportation limitations.

Question 2:- What can be done to tát improve life in rural areas?

Answer:- Rural livelihood can be improved by the effective participation of rural people and the community. They help to tát manage their economic, social and environmental objectives by empowering people in rural areas and encouraging women and youth for participating in society.

Question 3:- Does the government pay more attention to tát rural areas or urban areas?

Answer:- The government should pay more attention to tát rural areas because rural areas are also part of our country. Most politicians ignore rural areas’ development and pay their full attention to tát the urban areas. Rural areas are a great source of food for the whole country. Development should be carried out for better employment.

Question 4:- What is the importance of travelling?

Answer:- Travelling is the having different modes as private or public. Travelling is the best way to tát enhance personal growth. It provides a sense of liberty from a boring daily routine. It gives a different environment for enjoyment.

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Question 5:- What places tự you want to tát visit in future?

Answer:- I lượt thích to tát visit historical places which are more informative. They have the prints of old culture which acknowledge. Historical places have more hidden mistress, which attracts investigators to tát discover new things.

Question 6:- What type of places tự you recommend people to tát visit on vacation?

Answer:- People should visit those places which are informative. The place which has some attraction for their tourists. It has all facilities for meals, fun and enjoyment. It also has many enjoying things as swings, swimming pool etcetera.

Question 7:- Do old people prefer to tát live in the countryside or in the city?

Answer:- Mostly, old people prefer to tát live in the countryside because older ones want a noiseless environment. Older their spend their time in chat with their companies. In cities life is too much busy people having mo time spend with there older but in viĺage people spend time with there olders. So, older want to tát live in the countryside.

Question 8:- Why tự many people move from small towns to tát big cities?

Answer:- In general, people migrate from the countryside to tát cities for employment and increasing living standards. They go for earning better cost. People enjoy life and good facilities in cities.

Question 9:- What’s the difference between living in the countryside and living in the city?

Answer:- People differ from urban and rural life on the basis of their meal, living style, fashion, local facilities and education standards, etcetera. Urban people have more events of enjoyment daily or occasionally. They enjoy more facilities of hospitalization.

Question 10:- How has life changed in the countryside in your country?

Answer:- First of all, the transportation system should be developed properly roads can be constructed. Their study standard should be increased. There should be checks and balances in all government departments. If there is work above the whole table country get progress.

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