The English language is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child. English speakers often earn more, have access lớn excellent universities, và can find it easier lớn travel. In short, learning English as a child sets you up for success later in life. 

Online classes are a brilliant way to lớn help your child learn English as a second language (ESL), without unnecessary expense or căng thẳng over logistical issues. Here are our recommendations for online English classes & apps for kids. 

What types of online English classes are available?

There are two main categories of online learning khổng lồ choose from: 

Online tutoring services where an expert teaches your childApps và websites without tutors

Both of these have their pros and cons. Below, we will look in more detail at these different categories & the available classes & apps.

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6 Best online English classes for kids: tutoring, courses và apps

Online tutoring services



giaoducphanthiet.edu.vn is an online platform where your child can have 1-on-1 language lessons with a qualified, native English tutor. giaoducphanthiet.edu.vn offers all the live conversation practice, personalized feedback, and human interaction of traditional language classes at an affordable price. giaoducphanthiet.edu.vn tutors can also prepare lessons & provide teaching materials based on your child’s màn chơi or needs. For example, they could focus on vocabulary or phonics.

Most online courses và apps require focus and self-motivation, so they’re not always the best option for kids with short attention spans. A friendly tutor can keep your child focused for an hour in a way that a language app, course, or game just can’t. 

You can build giaoducphanthiet.edu.vn lessons around your weekly routine, but if something comes up and you need lớn make a change, they are flexible too. You can schedule lessons for any time of the day because giaoducphanthiet.edu.vn tutors are based across the world. It is the best of both worlds if you want your child khổng lồ start ESL learning! Try searching our database for tutors who specialize in teaching children khổng lồ find someone your kid will love. 

Meet giaoducphanthiet.edu.vn tutors



Prices can start from as low as $5 per hour for an English tutor but on average they are between $10 and $20.


Fully flexible, 1-on-1 tutoring with an experienced tutor


Some tutors can be expensive



NovaKid is a structured online language program for children aged 2-12. You can buy a batch of lessons, & your child works through learning material every week with the help of a personal tutor. 

You won’t be able to choose your child’s tutors, and the program is a fixed price. This lack of flexibility is one of the downsides. However, the principle of 1-on-1 language tuition over đoạn clip chat is highly effective! 


4 classes cost $34, 8 cost $61.60 and 12 cost $86.40


Affordable classes


No flexibility on tutors

Apps và websites without tutors



If you constantly hear, “Mom, can I play on your phone?” then it’s probably time to tải về Duolingo! Duolingo is the world’s most downloaded educational tiện ích because it makes language learning into a game. 

Its cool design và easy-to-use interface are a fun way for young learners khổng lồ improve their English vocabulary. While the phầm mềm is limited lớn mostly vocabulary, Duolingo is a good way lớn keep children entertained and begin language learning on the go. 


Free or $7.33 per month for Duolingo Plus


Game-style tiện ích will keep kids entertained


Limited khổng lồ mainly just vocabulary

British Council: Learn English Kids

If you learned English online yourself, then you are probably familiar with the British Council website and its database of free learning resources. Their experts have also developed a bank of word games and exercises for children khổng lồ improve their English skills. The trang web is a little old-fashioned, but there are many useful materials khổng lồ help you deliver an excellent English class if you want to lớn teach your child yourself. 

They also have a fantastic YouTube channel, with videos teaching English nursery rhymes, stories, và fun songs. If your child loves being read khổng lồ at bedtime, this can be a way khổng lồ integrate learning English into your daily routine! For 2 to 6-year-olds, the Learning Time with Timmy series is fabulous.




Lots of resources that children will enjoy


Resources only, no tutor


Fredisalearns is an online course with exercises for kids who have never studied the English language before. There’s also a course for those who can speak at an intermediate level. Sample lessons are free, but long-term users must buy a membership.

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The courses are suitable for different ages and levels of English, but there is no option to lớn work with a tutor. Lượt thích the British Council website, Fredisalearns is essentially a collection of resources and exercises for learning. If your child enjoys it, it is relatively cheap, so could be a good option if you are on a budget.


$40 for 6 months


Structured resources that a child can work through


Resources only, no tutor


For kids aged 2-8, Lingokids is a great educational ứng dụng with many awards khổng lồ its name. It’s colorful & up-to-date, featuring recurring characters who children will look forward khổng lồ seeing each new session. 

Parents are encouraged to help children through lessons, so if you’re looking for a family-oriented experience, this is definitely the best choice for you! If you’re looking for something your child can vì independently, another option might be a better fit.


Free for basic or $60 annually for LingoKids premium


A fun experience for kids


Resources only, no tutor

5 Benefits of online ESL English classes for kids

More and more parents choose to lớn “send” their kids lớn online English classes rather than traditional language schools. There are lots of benefits khổng lồ working with a tutor online, as opposed to an app. Here are five reasons why online classes are a great option:

It’s convenient 

If you send your child khổng lồ a language school, it can affect your miễn phí time as a family. You’ll need to drive them there and pick them up, wasting precious time. The school day can also be exhausting for children. If you wear them out with an end-of-the-day trip to a language school, they might start to lớn resent learning English. 

The convenience of online classes is great for children and parents alike. If they learn from home, you can leave them on the couch in their pajamas và enjoy some distraction-free time to yourself while they study. Win-win! 


It makes learning accessible

With online English classes, your child can access learning in a chất lượng way. First, your child will get vastly more English speaking practice than they would in a classroom setting, và there will be no pupils khổng lồ chat with in their native language. Second, any lessons will move at their pace. If they miss something, the tutor will be sure to work on it until they understand. Third, kids (especially young kids) love having an adult’s undivided attention! Many of our little learners look forward to lớn spending time with their online tutors. The feeling of being “seen” và supported makes learning English that much more enjoyable!

It’s cost-effective

Online English classes tend khổng lồ be cheaper than in-person lessons. You could arrange weekly classes for $40 per month — the price of just an hour or two at a language school. There are also a great number of không tính tiền resources available online to supplement classes. 

Some parents fear that this lower price tag equals a lower quality of education. But if you vày your research and choose your tools wisely, there’s no need for this to be the case! giaoducphanthiet.edu.vn, for example, provides 1-on-1 English language tutoring on any budget. Enter your ideal price per hour into this tìm kiếm engine, và you’ll find expert tutors who charge what you can pay. 

It’s more fun

One of the struggles of 21st-century parenting is pulling your child away from the internet. Many children are inseparable from the family’s tablets, phones, & computers. With online English classes, their love of screen time will be put to great use!

With an experienced tutor, your child will be engaged & participate in fun activities about topics they enjoy. Many online English tutors even mix children vocabulary games for “homework” because they know that learning is more effective when it’s fun! 


It’s flexible

If you send your child to lớn traditional language classes, you have to work around someone else’s schedule. Online English classes are far more flexible. If your child is learning with an app, they can take “classes” spontaneously, any time they need some worthwhile entertainment (or you need a break!). 

If you book online tutoring, you can plan lessons for the best time for you và your child, rather than the school or teacher.

Final thoughts

Organizing online English classes for your child is a responsible & generous move. Giving your child a headstart in learning English can mix them up for the future & help them excel at school & beyond.

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Online apps và resources have a lot of benefits, and some children love using them. However, we think the most beneficial way to educate your child is by arranging 1-on-1 tutoring sessions with an experienced professional.