I Began To Study English 5 Years Ago


"I have been learning English for ___.""I have been learning English since ___."

For and since can be used when talking about time in present perfect sentences (forcan be used withalltenses).

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When to use For

For is used with a duration (length) of time. Use for with how long the kích hoạt has been happening.

"I have lived here for three years" - Three years is the duration/length of time. "Our flight was delayed for two hours." - Two hours is the duration/length of time. "We"ve been living here for a long time." - A long time is the duration/length of time.

When to lớn use Since

Since is used with a starting point. Use since with the time when the kích hoạt started.

"I have lived here since 2009." - 2009 is the starting point. "They"ve all been in a meeting since 11am." - 11am is the starting point. "She"s been sleeping since last night." - Last night is the starting point.

Now complete these sentences with either for or since:

1 - We've been waiting for the train ___ noon.
forsince2 - I haven't seen them ___ last week.
sincefor3 - I've been working here ___ the beginning of the year.
forsince4 - She's been sick ___ over a week.
sincefor5 - He's been learning English ___ a long time.

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sincefor6 - I've been working in this bank ___ I graduated university.
sincefor7 - My daugher has been playing piano ___ she was ten years old.
forsince8 - You've been studying ___ three hours.
forsince9 - He's lived in this apartment ___ he was a young man.
sincefor10 - She can run ___ two hours without a break.
sincefor11 - I haven't seen any of them ___ I was in the army.
sincefor12 - The rain lasted ___ over five hours.
sincefor13 - I haven't slept ___ hours.

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forsince14 - ___ when have your parents let you borrow their car?
forsince15 - We haven't been lớn the cinema __ ages.
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