I couldn't move the piano alone, so i asked tom


Marathon Moving Services will start by taking an inventory danh sách of your goods, the exact locations factor for optimal navigation, và make a detailed & customized plan on how to best protect your trang chủ and possessions during your move in a guaranteed và no hidden price. Planning khổng lồ move with us? Start by getting a free quote today.

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Moving a piano is not an easy task, the kích cỡ and weight makes it very difficult khổng lồ move for the average person. They can be expensive and delicate which is why our experienced professional piano movers are trained lớn move even the largest và bulkiest piano with care và precision. Our piano movers fully disassemble & reassemble the piano by removing the legs, pedals, and anything else attached lớn the exterior.

To ensure its protection, we first wrap the piano with padded moving blankets and then plastic wrap. If extra protection is needed we create a custom crate using cardboard boxes. Once the piano is properly protected we use a 4-wheel dolly to lớn load it into the truck. Please tương tác our office anytime to receive a flat rate price for your piano moving needs.



Absolutely blown away by the ease of our moving due lớn how quickly and professional marathon was. Literally moved an entire storage unit and full two bedroom apartment with an hour commute lớn the our new house in five hours total. Would 1000% recommend to lớn anyone needing to move in the future. Came in under the original quote & was worth every penny.



Milton is very professional and organized. The guys were on time, friendly, worked hard & proficiently.I was pretty scatter brained, stressed, & exhausted but the crews were patient with me và really worked hard khổng lồ get it right.Utilize this company & you wont regret it.
Very professional & extremely connected with what you"re going through with your move. Not an easy thing khổng lồ earn a name lượt thích marathon moving but these guys really killed it. I would recommend them for any residential commercial or packout move that you"re planning on doing. This company is a jack-of-all-trades verified mover
We"ve moved a lot & this was by far the best moving experience we’ve had! Milton và his team were on time và saved us a considerable amount off the packing và moving estimate, because they got it done so efficiently & quickly. We coordinated all this long distance. Milton và Marathon’s office manager, Whitney, were both very professional và fantastic. Super responsive when we had questions. Couldn’t be more pleased & will definitely be using Marathon again. Highly recommend!
I needed a moving service on pretty short notice, and I feel so lucky that Marathon Moving Services were available. The movers I got were communicative, polite, và efficient. It was my first time moving my household by myself and they made me feel very comfortable & taken care of.

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Marathon moving is a FANTASTIC company. Very professional & super fast! A team of three moved me out of a packed storage unit and a one bedroom / into my new house in well under 4 hours. Nothing broken, no messes, no problems at all. Great crew! Awesome prices, too!
Good experience with this company. Marathon accommodated us with a short fused move. Their price reasonable and they estimated the required time very well. Kelly, Marcus, and Von were courteous và they were fast. Very pleased.
Marathon Moving Services was my hero. I had significant damage in my house & had to move furniture and house pieces (cabinets and HEAVY granite) ASAP. They returned my điện thoại tư vấn promptly và came out khổng lồ my house in less than 24 hours. They wrapped/protected my furniture and fit every piece in a tiny 5x10 storage unit. They were professional, efficient, QUICK & incredibly personable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
I moved locally with Marathon just yesterday and these guys did a tremendous job.From the professional quoting process during my initial điện thoại tư vấn to the actual move they did everything they said they would plus more. All the guys were polite và hard working, they had extra room in one of the trucks so they even moved my kids playground which was not initially quoted. The final bill ended up being less than quoted even after I tipped the guys for their hard work.Professional, hard-working, and quality priced... Highly Recommended!
From start to finish, this team did a fantastic job. They were able khổng lồ help me on short notice và were able to help me out. Very good pricing, great quality, và overall very impressive. Highly recommend!
We hired them for loading only since our move was out of state. They were very careful with our furniture and made use of all available space on the moving van we rented. Highly recommend them.
Good experience with this company. Marathon accommodated us with a short fused move. They were more reasonable than the 2 other companies we called and they estimated the required time very well. Kelly, Marcus, and Von were courteous and they were fast. Very pleased.
I contacted this company & was able khổng lồ arrange the move on relatively short notice. The crew that worked the move was unfailingly courteous, efficient, cheerful, knowledgeable, and helpful. I was very pleased with the way things were handled và would not hesitate to use this company again.
I have moved 6 times in the past 10 years. These guys are by far the best I have ever experienced! Very professional, efficient, considerate. I wish I had found out about them 5 moves ago!
If looking for professional movers, I would definitely recommend Marathon Moving Services. Milton và his team were very respectful, professional, quick & on-time. Thank you Marathon Moving!
Fantastic crew, great work, very fast!! Awesome experience. Really thankful for this company- no issues, very fast, nothing broken, no mess, very professional, great price!
I have nothing but the highest praise for Milton & his team at Marathon Moving Services. I moved from Virginia Beach khổng lồ Richmond, and I got several quotes before going with Marathon as well as checking reviews on Yelp. Both the quoted price and their Yelp review convinced me lớn go with them, & I am so happy I did. They"re not the cheapest but also not the most expensive, và I can tell you they were worth the money.They showed up at 6:45 am, & efficiently and quickly packed my belongings. I lived in a one-bedroom apartment, so I didn"t have as much as some people, but it was still quite a bit. They loaded the truck, drove khổng lồ Richmond, assembled my furniture, got the boxes into the right rooms, & were finished in 8 hours total. I was amazed. I have finished unpacking, & not a single broken item.I"m a military veteran và moved a lot during my time in the service. This was one of the best moves I"ve ever experienced. I highly recommend Milton and his team.

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We needed help unloading a very full 20" U-Haul truck when my 2 daughters moved to lớn Virginia Beach to lớn go to college. The apartment was a one floor walk-up, but Gary & Dominik from supersonic movers were outstanding. They had the truck unloaded in 2 hours with no damage lớn any possessions or any walls. The best part was their excellent attitudes and willingness to lớn accommodate our requests. We will request them for any additional work we might need in the Virginia Beach area.