I spent a few years as the director of pr for the world’s largest hotel chain. Now years later, I can’t help but notice how some things really haven’t changed that much in the khách sạn industry.

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For example, major khách sạn chains still advertise you’ll find the very lowest rate by booking directly through their website.


Keep watching a hotel’s rates even after you book since sometimes you’ll find a less expensive room at another hotel. If that’s the case, call the front desk and see if they’ll match the rate. Hotels would rather drop the cost of their room rather than lose you .

11) A Good Way lớn Save on khách sạn Costs: Join Their Loyalty Program

If you participate in a hotel loyalty program, you’ll earn points towards future stays. But you’ll also get such perks as member-only sales, early notification of upcoming sales và discounts, and không tính phí WiFi. There are also other benefits. Elite members of Starwood’s Preferred Guest Program, for example, are offered bonus points, room upgrades, & late checkout.

12) Save on Hotels by Fighting Those Fees

Some hotels have become as fee-crazy as the airlines. But you can fight them & sometimes win, especially if you are a thành viên of the hotel’s loyalty program. (In fact, if you are a loyalty program thành viên you may not see them at all).

A rule of thumb is the more upscale a property, the more likely the chance for additional fees. So it’s always worth calling ahead & inquiring what they may be. Sometimes they’re willing khổng lồ waive them, especially if you’re a frequent guest or a member of their hotel loyalty program.

13) Booking With Airbnb? Negotiate

Many people don’t realize it, but if you stay in someone’s home or apartment by booking through Airbnb, there’s nothing that says that you can’t negotiate a better rate. You might tell them that you love the looks of their place, but it’s a bit above your budget and ask if might they lower the price a bit.

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14) Ditch the hotel Altogether

Another way to save on hotel costs is to lớn ditch the hotel altogether. Apartment rentals are a great option to lớn a khách sạn room, especially if you have a group of people. My wife and I have stayed in rental apartments, & I love the experience, especially since we have plenty of room, as well as a washer và dryer (ensure the amenities và extras before you book, however). The best thing is that you can often learn from the owners where are the best “non-tourists” restaurants & things to vì in the area. Try Airbnb or either of two TripAdvisor companies: HouseTrip ‎, và FlipKey.

Also, consider staying at a hostel or in a college dormitory during summer vacation. Some colleges, such as England’s prestigious Cambridge University, also provide breakfast. Find your institution of higher learning at University Rooms.

15) Save on Hotels by Booking Blind

Save on hotel costs by using sites such as Priceline’s Pricebreaker và Hotwire’s “Hot Rate.” They can provide some great discounts. What you’re giving up, however, is knowing what khách sạn you’re staying in until your bid is accepted. Overseas this can be a gamble if you don’t know the neighborhoods of the city. But if you do, you usually have a pretty good idea of the hotels you are bidding on. I’ve booked blind several times & have never had a problem.

16) Switch Hotels

You needn’t stay in the same hotel for your entire stay. If several consecutive days at your hotel are more expensive, change khổng lồ another khách sạn on those days. The key is finding a comparable property. It’s an inconvenience, of course, but it will save money.

17) Ratchet Up Those Rewards

And another nifty trick: say you’re staying for five nights in a city và want khổng lồ max out the points you’ll receive for your khách sạn stay. Some travelers switch to a different khách sạn every night. (You cannot check out and then kiểm tra in at the same hotel, however).

Since many hotels are within an easy distance of one another this is easier to bởi than you may think. In fact, another khách sạn might be right next door or a short walk away. It will also get you không tính phí rooms five times faster.

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18) Choose Your Credit Card(s) Carefully

In addition to giving points for your charges, some hotel credit cards also provide you a không lấy phí night every year. These annual gifts are bestowed by Hyatt, Intercontinental hotel Group, và Marriott, among others. Other hotels require a certain màn chơi of spending lớn qualify for any “gift nights,” so kiểm tra before applying for any card.

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