I Can'T Open The Door Because I (Forgot/Have Forgotten) My Keys


This is a question that most drivers ask themselves at one point or another. A key turns in the lock và it won’t turn all the way lớn unlock, leaving you frustrated & stuck.

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The reason for this happening can be as simple as a frozen lock, lack of lubrication, wrong key, dirt getting into the keyhole, etc. But there are other situations where it’s more complicated.


In this blog post, we will go through some common scenarios where a car key won’t unlock a door with solutions! Stay with us!

9 Reasons Behind Key Turns But Won’t Unlock oto Door

There are many things that can cause your car key to not mở cửa the oto door. Here are the most common issues-

1. Lack of Lubrication

The most common reason for a key khổng lồ turn but not xuất hiện the door is that it lacks lubrication. This can come from prolonged use, or just getting into the car after being out in the rain.

When your lock doesn’t have enough lube, it will get stuck and stop turning, which means you won’t be able to unlock the car. If you have been using the keyfob to unlock the door và trying khổng lồ unlock it with the manual keys after a while, it may happen.

To fix this, get some lubricant spray and apply it khổng lồ the keyhole of your door lock. Turn the key in the opposite direction several times (while applying more lube) until you can successfully turn it all the way!

If you are confused about what product to use, you can get our recommended Master Lock PTFE Lock Lubricant.

2. Frozen oto Lock

This is applicable for those who live in a region where the temperature goes below the freezing level. When the temperature is below zero, car locks can get frozen.

When this happens, you won’t be able to lớn unlock your oto no matter how hard you try! The reason for this happening is that when it’s too cold out there (below freezing point), water molecules in the air turn into ice và stick onto the keyhole of your door lock, making it impossible lớn turn the key.

The solution for this is simple- just wait until your car warms up! The ice will melt and you’ll be able to xuất hiện the door without any issues. However, if you need lớn unlock the oto instantly, use a de-icer spray khổng lồ thaw the door lock so that it functions properly.

Apart from freezing climate areas, regular cold temperatures can cause the lock not to lớn function properly as well. Cold weather makes metal shrink which can create a situation lượt thích lack of lubrication.

To solve any kind of winter oto lock not opening issue, we recommend Victor Lock De-Icer và Lubricant that does both, de-icing & lubricating.

3. Worn Out car Lock

Over time, oto locks tend khổng lồ wear out. This means that they may not mở cửa the door even if you use the correct key. When a lock is worn out, it becomes more and more difficult to lớn turn the key as time goes by.

If your key isn’t turning the lock or it’s taking a lot of effort to bởi so, then it’s likely that your lock is worn out. The only solution for this problem is lớn replace the entire lock.

I recommend not khổng lồ wait for the lock lớn completely fail as you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Take your car to a locksmith and ask him to lớn change your lock right away once you are seeing signs of a worn-out car door lock!

4. Damaged Key

If you are using a key that is not the original one, there’s a chance that it may get damaged. When a key is damaged, it becomes difficult to turn the lock and may even get stuck.

The best way to lớn avoid this situation is to always use the original car key. If you have lost your key or it’s been damaged, you will need to get a new one made. You can go lớn the car dealership or a locksmith to get a new key made.

Brand new keys can also get damaged if they are abused too much. Tiny damage to the keys can cause the lock to lớn not open. So, be careful when using your oto key & try not to damage it in any way.

5. Using Wrong Key

It may be possible that you may have picked up someone else’s key by mistake or you misplaced your own key. If this is the case, then it’s easy- you don’t have the correct key lớn unlock the car door!

This mostly happens when people own multiple cars of the same model and mistakenly pick up the wrong key. These keys are similarly made and can turn a bit before getting stuck which may give you a feel that the key is turning.

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However, if you are absolutely certain that you are using the correct key, then the problem might be with the lock.

6. Damaged car Lock

Just like locks wear out over time, they can also become damaged. This may be due to lớn a collision or constant use of the key.

If your car lock is not working properly, it’s time khổng lồ get a new one. However, if you don’t want to lớn spend money on replacing the entire lock, then you can go for an alternative- change just the cylinder of the lock. In most cases, the cylinder of the lock or the tumblers are the things that get worn out or damaged. If you change those, you can get away without replacing the lock.

However, I don’t recommend doing so as things can go wrong in many ways và you may get stuck again with a similar kind of problem, car door won’t xuất hiện even with the right key.

7. Improperly Installed car Lock

If you had a recent oto lock installation done by any locksmith or auto mechanic shop, it can be a reason why your key is having a hard time opening the door for you.

In many cases, the mechanic may have installed a defective lock or improper key. This can give you problems from day one và make your car difficult lớn open.

If this is what has happened with you, then take your oto to a proper locksmith và get a refund for the wrong lock installation so that you can get it replaced by a better one.

8. Dust Got Inside

This happens with unshielded car locks often. Dust & dirt particles accumulate between the key và the lock. The lock doesn’t mở cửa as it gets stuck to a tiny bit of dust.

To fix this problem, you will need to lớn take out all of the dust particles from your lock and clean them thoroughly with a compressed air spray. In some cases, both the vehicle key as well as the oto door lock might need lớn be cleaned.

9. Door Latch is Stuck

If your door latch is not working properly, it will not let the oto door mở cửa no matter how hard you try lớn turn the key.

In this case, the problem is with the latch và not the lock. You will need khổng lồ take your car to a mechanic & get it fixed.

On almost every occasion, people think about a problem with the lock or the key when the oto door won’t mở cửa from outside with keys. However, it can happen that both your lock and the key are functioning absolutely fine but a rusty or corroded door latch is preventing the door from opening.

To solve this kind of issue, you should consult with an tự động hóa workshop to lớn get the latch fixed or replaced.


The final words of wisdom khổng lồ take away from this article are that you should always use the original key và avoid any damage.

If your oto door lock is not working, then it may be time for an nâng cấp or a new installation.

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You can also keep on đứng đầu of these problems by regularly cleaning out dust particles with compressed air spray before they accumulate in the tumblers which will make them difficult to clean later on.

Finally, if all else fails, tương tác a professional locksmith who can inspect your vehicle & give you some solutions quickly!