I Tried ……… Her Name But I Couldn'T

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Bạn đang xem: I tried ……… her name but i couldn't


I tried ........... Her name but I couldn't

A. Remember B. To lớn remember C. Remembering D. To lớn remembering

We live in a room ......... The store

A. Above B. On C. Over D. Up

It'll take me an hour to vị the household ............

A. Work B. Chores C. Job D. Exercises

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1. Yoga helps us learn _______ to lớn co-ordinate breathing và movement. A. What B. When C. Why D. How2. Teenagers enjoy ________ to music và ________ out with friends. A. Listen- hang B. To lớn listen- lớn hang C. Listening- hang D. Listening- hanging3. _______ should children bởi yoga too?A. Why B. When C. What D. How4. The Viet people have many _______ customs and crafts.A. Tradition B. Traditional C. Culture D. Customary5. The farmer rides the buffalo-________ carts loaded full of rice home.A. Draw B. Drawing C. Drew D. Drawn6. My dad doesn’t mind ______ my mom from work every day.A. Pick up B. Picked up C. Picking up D. Picks up7. Using computers too much may have harmful effects _______ your minds và bodies.A. On B. Khổng lồ C. With D. Onto8. People in the countryside live ________ than those in the city.A. Happier B. Happily C. Happy D. More happily9. Does she fancy ______ a book lớn the younger children?A. Reads B. Reading C. To lớn read D. Read10. I love the people in my village. They are so _______ và hospitable.A. Friendly B. Vast C. Slow D. Inconvenient11. We help load the rice _______ carts on the first day of our trip to lớn the countryside.A. In B. Onto C. By D. On12. I’ve been kind of _______ to lớn the net.A. Addi ct B. Addictive C. Addicted D. Addicting13. Nuclear power nguồn ______ in the future.A. Will replace B. Replaced C. Will be replaced D. Replaces14. My father _______ a lot last year, but this year he doesn’t any more.A. Smokes B. Used to lớn smokeC. Smoking D. Gets used lớn smoke15. It’s really difficult to lớn _______ a bicycle up the hillA. Fly B. Drive C. Pedal D. Sail16. At this time next week, we _______ a chạy thử on souces of energyA. Will take B. Take C. Will be taking D. Are taking17. My children often sleep while they are _______ a plane.A. In B. On C. By D. 018. ______ books are here _______ are there.A.Theirs / ours B. Their / ours C. Theirs / our D. Their / our19. Butter & _______ are dairy products.A. Grapes B. Salmon C. Beef D. Cheese20. I couldn’t buy a CD because the cửa hàng ______ open.A. Is B. Isn’t C. Was D. Wasn’t21. It will be ______ to ride a jet pack in bad weather beacause it doesn’t have a roof.A. Enjoyable B. Pleasant C. Unpleasant D. Comfortable22. Careless driving ______ accidents on the road.A. Will cause B. Have caused C. Is causing D. Is going lớn cause23. My dad doesn’t mind _______ me from school every day.A. Pick up B. Picked up C. To pick up D. Picking up24. We will go on holiday with some friends of _______.A. Our B. Us C. We D. Ours25. There are ___________ ethnic groups in Vietnam.A. 45 B. 54 C. 49 D. 5326. Nick, we’re going khổng lồ a cultural sự kiện ______. Would you lượt thích to join us?A. DIY B. J4F C. 2moro D. /w 27. The volunteers have to work much ______ usual lớn save the dying animals.A. As hard as B. Harder than C. The hardest D. More harder than28. ______ can make you relaxed. You enjoy them in your không tính phí time.A. Sports B. Leisure activitiesC. Riding a horse D. Flying the kites29. I love ____ with my best friend on the weekend. We go window- shopping or to the cinema.A. Chatting B. Texting C. Hanging out D. Visiting30. The opposite of “important” is _______.A. Complicated B. Insignificant C. Developed D. Traditional 31. Airmail is ______ expensive than surface mail. A. The most B. Most C. Much D. More32. I find Peter is not communicative. He’s rather ______ in public.A. Kind B. Reserved C. Sociable D. Humorous33. It is really a difficult kiểm tra but we will try to bởi it ______.A. Myself B. Ourselves C. Itself D. Yourself 34. He is not ______ ride a motorbike. A. Enough old khổng lồ B. Enough old for C. Old enough khổng lồ D. Old enough for35. “Would you ______ lớn go to the movies with me?” “I’d love to” A. Lượt thích B. Want C. Love D. Mind36. When I was a child, I ______ follow my mum to the market. A. Used to lớn B. Liked C. Hated D. Loved37. The new shopping mall is quite ______ the present shopping area. A. Different from B. The same C. Like to D. Similar38. My mother is ______ tired ______ cook tonight. A. Enough – to B. Too – lớn C. So – that D. Very – to39. It's good to____ blood because you can save people's lives.A. Help B. Use C. Donate D. Collect40. This is Nam. Can I speak ______ Lan? A. With B. To lớn C. On D. For