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Two things in life are inevitable: taxes and gray hair. While the former are pretty much unavoidable, at least there are ways đồ sộ hide the latter, which, according đồ sộ recent reports, has already started đồ sộ bedevil Kate Middleton. And if it can happen đồ sộ her, it will happen đồ sộ you. We asked Aura Friedman, a colorist at Sally Hershberger Downtown, exactly what đồ sộ vì thế when gray strikes:

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Chill out. A recent study by Nature suggests a links between stress and going gray, sánh remind yourself not đồ sộ freak out over a few gray hairs. "Hair goes gray when hydrogen peroxide, which is produced naturally in the human toàn thân, interferes with melanin," Friedman says. Unfortunately, there is no natural way đồ sộ stop it, but there are a wide variety of man-made ways đồ sộ conceal it.

Don't pluck it. Even if you have only one errant hair, avoid breaking out the tweezers. No, seven more strands will not come đồ sộ its funeral, but chances are the regrowth "will come back as tiny sprouts around your head that will stick out and be unmanageable," Friedman says. Plus, plucking damages the follicle and may stop hair from growing in that spot altogether, which can cause thinning over time.

Try a temporary fix. For just a handful of grays, use a color-depositing shampoo or an at-home gloss for a cheap and easy way đồ sộ temporarily tint the hair. "It will blend gray and fade out gradually," Friedman says.

Hide regrowth. To cover a few gray strands, use a single-process dye that matches your natural color. If you go any darker, it actually makes the new white hairs stand out. If you lượt thích more depth, ask a pro for a few subtle highlights đồ sộ add dimension and disguise grays. Try a root touch-up kit đồ sộ cover grays between dye jobs. Friedman says there is also an added bonus: "Most hair color, whether it is permanent or demipermanent, gives your hair volume and shine."

Pump up the volume. A touch of height at the roots can camouflage gray hair, and sánh can curls. Spray a volumizer at the roots, then blow-dry the hair upside down or add Velcro rollers đồ sộ already dry hair đồ sộ create sexy (read: distracting!) volume.

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