mary was really by the beauty of hanoi

44. Maryam was really ________ by the beauty of Ha Noi.     

Bạn đang xem: mary was really by the beauty of hanoi

A. impressed               B. impress                   C. impression              D. impressive

45. The United States has a ________ of around 250 million. 

A. population              B. separation               C. addition                  D. introduction

46. Vietnamese people are very ________ .          

A. friend                   B. friendless                  C. friendly                   D. friendship

47. We were having dinner ________ the telephone rang.          

A. when                      B. while                       C. until                        D. since

48. I ________call you as soon as I come back trang chính.          

A. have                        B. will                         C. am                          D. is going

49. Would you mind ________the door?                    

A. open                      B. opened                    C. opening                   D. vĩ đại open

50. My family loves this house. It _____ the family trang chính since my grandfather built it 60 years ago.  

            A. was                         B. is                             C. has been                  D. will be

IV:  Choose the underlined words or phrases that are not correct in standard written English.

1. I feel really tired. I wish I didn’t go vĩ đại the tiệc nhỏ last night.

      A      B                                C         D

2. I have broken my pencil. May I borrow one of your?

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              A                                              B         C          D

3. When I was on holiday last summer, I was going vĩ đại the beach everyday.

                  A    B                                              C                D

4. Tom used vĩ đại going to school by bus. Now he goes by xe đạp.

                             A                    B                        C          D

5. Mary is used vĩ đại do her homework by herself.

                   A         B                        C      D

6. On winter day, we all used vĩ đại sit around the fire and told stories.

     A                              B                         C                             D

7. The Chinese build the Great Wall over two thousand years ago.

                   A       B                                 C                  D

8. We get used vĩ đại live in the countryside before we moved vĩ đại Ho Chi Minh City.

                  A                   B                                                  C     D

9. In the modern world, people can easily communicate with telephone, radio, and computer.

    A               B                                   C                             D

10. The package containing books and records were delivered last week.

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