over the past decade ebooks have revolutionized

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, and D on your answer sheet đồ sộ indicate the correct answer đồ sộ each of the question

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The Rise of E-books

Over the past decade, e-books have revolutionized the way people consume written formation. It will probably come as no surprise the total global sales number continues đồ sộ rise each year. There are several reasons why readers are buying more e-books. For starters, reading a lengths e-book in front of your computer isn't the most comfortable thing đồ sộ vì thế. But since tablet sales have exploded, readers can now relax and read their favourite e-books in bed from the beach. Many e-books are often sold at lower prices kêu ca traditional books. Since there is almost zero cost for producing e-books, some authors are offering their novels at lower prices. Another factor is convenience. In the past, keeping a large book collection meant setting aside a lot of extra space in one's trang chính. With e-books, it is now possible for readers đồ sộ carry a portable library, which contains thousands of books. To really understand e-book market though, it is important đồ sộ keep up with national trends.

Recent data suggests that the e-book market in the US and the UK have matured. In both of these countries, e-book sales account for roughly đôi mươi percent of overall book sales. Although that percentage continues đồ sộ increase, it is going up at a slower rate kêu ca in the past.

The popularity of e-books has exploded in Russia. In one poll, 70 percent of Russians claim đồ sộ have read at least one e-book. However, publishers are not too pleased with this new because approximately 92 percent of e-books in Russia are acquired illegally.

In France, consumers don't appear đồ sộ be loo keen on e-books at this time. Although in 2012, e-book sales comprised about 3 percent of the market, it is predicted that this number will increase at a very slow pace. Some French people believe that reading e-books on small screens is uncomfortable. Others say that the French are a cultural exception, as they lượt thích the feeling of holding a dusty old physical book. This demonstrates that no matter how popular e- books get, it is unlikely that traditional books will disappear any time soon.

0Câu 1

This year, e-book sales in the US and the UK will probably ____

A. stay the same

B.start đồ sộ decline

C. increase drastically

D. keep going up

Câu 2

Which of the following is NOT a reason why e-books became popular worldwide?

A. People can now store more books easily.

B.Most popular novels are only offered as e-books.

C. Reading e-books recently became more comfortable.

D. A new type of reading device was invented.

Câu 3

The phrase “account for" in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning đồ sộ ____

A. form the total of

B.are the explanation of

C. are a particular part of

D. know what has happened

Câu 4

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Why are publishers unhappy about the popularity of e-books in Russia?

A. Customers are not paying for them.

B.The quality of e-books is poor.

C. Only a small percent of people read e-books.

D. More people are returning đồ sộ traditional books.

Câu 5

The word "they" in paragraph 5 refers đồ sộ _____.

A. total sales


C. traditional books

D. French people

Câu 6

All of the following are the reasons why the French are not fond of e-books very much EXCEPT that ___.

A. the French may want đồ sộ keep their traditional reading habit

B.it is considered that reading e-books on small screens is not comfortable

C. the French have a trend of reading traditional books

D. the French are an exception, not using any mobile devices

Câu 7

What is the meaning of the last sentence of the passage?

A. French people will change their minds about e-books.

B.Some people will continue đồ sộ read traditional books.

C. It is just a matter of time before e-books disappear.

D. E-books won’t get popular in France until screens get bigger.

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