reported speech with gerund and infinitive

Do you know how to lớn tell someone what another person said using reporting verbs? Test what you know with interactive exercises and read the explanation to lớn help you.

Look at these examples to lớn see how reporting verbs are used.

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direct speech: 'You should come, it's going to lớn be a lot of fun,' she said.
indirect speech: She persuaded bu to lớn come.

direct speech: 'Wait here,' he said.
indirect speech: He told us to lớn wait there.

direct speech: 'It wasn't bu who finished the coffee,' he said.
indirect speech: He denied finishing the coffee.

Try this exercise to lớn test your grammar.

Grammar test 1

Reported speech 3 – reporting verbs: 1

Grammar explanation

When we tell someone what another person said, we often use the verbs say, tell or ask. These are called 'reporting verbs'. However, we can also use other reporting verbs. Many reporting verbs can be followed by another verb in either an infinitive or an -ing sườn. 

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Reporting verb + infinitive

Verbs lượt thích advise, agree, challenge, claim, decide, demand, encourage, invite, offer, persuade, promise, refuse and remind can follow an infinitive pattern.

'Let's see. I'll have the risotto, please.'
  • He decided to have the risotto.
'I'll bởi the report by Friday, for sure.'
  • She promised to do the report by Friday.
'It's not a good idea to lớn write your passwords down.'
  • They advised us not to lớn write our passwords down.

We can also use an infinitive to lớn report imperatives, with a reporting verb lượt thích tell, order, instruct, direct or warn.

'Please wait for bu in reception.'
  • The guide told us to wait for her in reception.
'Don't go in there!'
  • The police officer warned us not to lớn go in there.

Reporting verb + -ing form

Verbs lượt thích admit, apologise for, complain about, deny, insist on, mention and suggest can follow an -ing sườn pattern.

'I broke the window.'
  • She admitted breaking the window.
'I'm really sorry I didn't get back to lớn you sooner.'
  • He apologised for not getting back to lớn bu sooner.
'Let's take a break.'
  • She suggested taking a break.

Do this exercise to lớn test your grammar again.

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Grammar test 2

Reported speech 3 – reporting verbs: 2

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