Study Hard Or You Will Fail The Final Exam

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1. Study hard or you will fail the exam.a. If you didn't study hard, you wouldn't fail the examb. If you study harder, you won't pass the exam.c. If you don't study hard, you will fail the exan.d. If you studied hard, you will pass the exam.2.'I'm going on the mạng internet now' Minh said.a. Minh said he is going on the internet now.b. Minh said I am going on the mạng internet now.c. Minh said us he was going in the mạng internet ther.d. Minh told us he was going on the internet then. 3. My daughter is looking forward khổng lồ seeing her friends again.a. My daughter is expecting lớn see her friends again.b. My daughter feels bored because she is going khổng lồ see hei friends.c. My daughter doesn't want khổng lồ see her friends again.d. My daughter always lượt thích seeing her friends.4. Why don't you use a password to protect your files? An said lớn me.a. An advised me to usc a password khổng lồ protect your filesb. An suggested me using a password lớn protect my filesc.

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An encouraged me to lớn use a password lớn protect my filesd. An asked me why I didn't use a password khổng lồ protect my files.5. You haven't seen Mary today, have you?a. You haven't seen Mary so farb. Have you ever met Mary before?c. Have you seen Mary today by any chance?d. Are you going to see Mary today?B. Write the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning khổng lồ the first.1. Your parents' house is still in Nha Trang, isn't it?Your parents still___________2. My brother spends thrce hours surfing the Net every night.It takes_________3. She asked Joanna how she thought of her new dress? .'How__________4.'Do you lượt thích watching ?' He said lớn me.He asked___________5. I was surprised I passed the exam.I didn't expect__________6. Do you find it difficult to understand him'? do you have____________7. It's a pity I don't know many people here. I wish____________8. 'Laura! Don't cảm biến the electric wires!"Mike warned____________9. My mother never allows me lớn go out alone at night.My mother never lets___________10. People should use bicycles for short journeys. Bicycles___________