The widespread use of the internet has brought many problems


According to lớn a recent study, the more time people use the Internet, the less time they spend with real human beings.Some people say that instead of seeing the mạng internet as a way of opening up new communication possibilities world- wide, we should be concerned about the effect this is having on social interaction.How far vày you agree with this opinion?

In recent decades the rapid advance of the technology has made the communication between people much easier và faster. Although internet has brought many benefits to the field of communication, its wide use inevitably has been associated with negative impacts on social interaction. The benefits of internet in terms of increased communication are evident, with people connected across the globe. Before the invention of the internet, not too many years ago, communication was possible only by phone or mail, which entailed time & expenses. This way of communication also mostly allowed people to lớn keep in tương tác with those people they already were known to lớn them. The area of mạng internet has changed this dramatically. E-mail and social networking such as Facebook, Twitter & MSN to lớn name a few have created online communities which are global in scale & they have fostered the communication between people & countries that we would not have thought possible in the not too distant past. However, undoubtedly this has had detrimental effects on the amount & type of social interaction that takes place. People, especially young generation spend a considerable amount of time online, chatting and on forums. Even though, this might be beneficial lớn some extent, it is not certainly the same as the real interaction with human beings, as it does not involve the same communication skills. It is extremely important that young children have & extend real friendships in order to lớn develop their own interpersonal skills. In addition lớn this, if people spend most of their leisure time online and not mixing with their neighbourhoods, this would not only have negative effects on local communities, but also would lead lớn feeling of isolation for the individuals who vày not have a real person to turn khổng lồ in times of need. To lớn sum up, it can be said that the internet has without no doubt been beneficial to communication, but we should not underestimate its potential negative effects on social interaction in our societies. Thus, it is crucial that we maintain a balance between our online life & our tương tác with real human beings. Please comment on my Internet và Social Interaction Essay

Apr 02, 2022 The advantages and disadvantages of the internet Essay by: Anonymous The advent of technology và the mạng internet makes people’s lives connected lớn the world's information easily. Despite numerous benefits of using the internet, there are some unavoidable downsides. With the possibility to lớn access the internet straightforwardly by spending small-scale amounts of money, people broadly enhance their experiences of education. Firstly , thanks khổng lồ the advancement of the internet, students và teachers are capable of doing research widely based on their purposes without limitation. In addition, due lớn the very bad situation of COVID-19 recently, the mạng internet takes a significant role to lớn lower the increase of the spreads và patience. To continue the learning process in this circumstance, both students & teachers must switch khổng lồ online classes. Therefore , the internet and learning management systems such as google classroom or Microsoft team in conjunction with video conferences applications are required. Besides educational reasons, the internet has been utilized in a major part for entertainment activities for all ages of people. As an illustration, we watch movies or anime, play clip games, access social media, and do many other things. Although the internet comes along with numerous benefits, there are countless drawbacks as well. The majority of young people are addicted lớn the internet quickly. They access the mạng internet only for online games và leisure activities. They spend hours every day doing nonsense actions. This affects the growth of learning journey. Furthermore, by absorbing a lot of things on social media, people start khổng lồ compare themselves khổng lồ others on the mạng internet so that they will see the gap in society. Another bad point is that a large amount of information published online is unreal and unfavorable & we cannot analyze whether it is true or fake. In short, using the internet in this era helps people lớn enrich their living environment due lớn the fact that they are able khổng lồ obtain more and more valuable skills, resources & capacities. Yet, there are risks if the individuals use the internet without full comprehension of the dangers that may exist.

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Problems of the internet Essay

by Katy (Australia)

Hi, I have given IELTS 4 times và I need 7 each in academic. My latest score was:R 8.5L 8S 7.5W 6.5In all my attempts, I have not been able to get 7 in writing. Here is an example of an essay I wrote, could you please advise how I can improve?Besides a lot of advantages, some people believe that the mạng internet creates many problems. Lớn what extent bởi vì you agree or disagree with this statement?In today’s world, the mạng internet has become extremely popular. Some people believe, it is beneficial for several reasons while many argue that the disadvantages associated with it cannot be overlooked. I completely agree with the latter part.On one hand, some people believe that the mạng internet has been advantageous for many reasons. First of all, it helps communicate with people all over the world. The use of emails, social networking sites and video chatting has enables people to lớn easily & quickly talk to their loved ones even from a far distance. Another benefit khổng lồ be considered is that it is cheaper than sending mails via post. Furthermore, internet makes it convenient lớn pay the bills online and saves time as well, so people vị not have to lớn go personally khổng lồ pay the bills.On the other hand, some people argue that the internet has many disadvantages. For instance, the younger generation spends a lot of time in front of computer or on their phones which is harmful for their health as it affects their eyesight và also makes them physically inactive. In addition, inappropriate contents on the Internet like violence and obscenity negatively impacts on young people. Furthermore, the increasing number of cyber-crimes is taking place these days. More & more financial crimes are committed via the internet. Another problem the mạng internet creates is that overuse of it tends lớn make people isolated as they become unsociable and self-centred. In my opinion, the disadvantages of the internet outweigh the advantages, hence, making it harmful lớn the growth of the youth. Therefore, its consumption should be reduced and people should be protected from the negative effects of internet.

Aug 08, 2016 essay writing by: bindia Agarwal Who so ever is concerned,It is important to lớn have habit of checking your answer after completion, otherwise no matter how good you have written, your mistakes will drain your marks and at the end you will be lingering with poor scores in writing.
Aug 14, năm nhâm thìn
my reaction by: Anonymous You must be partly with the question. You stated that you completely agree therefore you should only discuss the negative effects all through out your body toàn thân paragraphs. I guess you get 7 in majority of the ielts writing criteria except task responce which is 6.5.

Aug 15, năm nhâm thìn
my reaction by: IELTS buddy Actually that is not true, Even if you completely agree / disagree with the opinion, you can still look at the other view. You need khổng lồ word it carefully though lớn make sure you show that you are just pointing out that there is another side to lớn it & which side you are on.

Dec 24, 2020
Feedback on essay by: Anonymous Firstly in opinion you have khổng lồ mention that I partly agree with essay statement.Late on In Conclusion just rewrite opinion. The structure used in conclusion is not correct.

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The Internet & Communication

by MomAmadeus - Nuke (Indonesia)

Some people say that the mạng internet is making the world smaller by bringing people together. Khổng lồ what extent bởi you agree that the mạng internet is making it easier for people to communicate with one another? It’s quite interesting and amusing at the same time, discussing this topic. If we remember back in the 80th, we still very much attached lớn conventional letter a.k.a postal mail. It took weeks even months before a single letter arrived at destination. But in the 90th, the way people communicate accelerated to profound degree. Internet not only allowed people to send và receive messages across countries in tốc độ of light, but it also managed khổng lồ cut the expensive cost which previously part of communication constraint. In present days, even home telephone devices are collecting dusk. Smartphone, tablet, laptop and notebooks had overtaken those “primeval” devices. People found that application like whatsapp, blackberry messenger, ease their way to lớn interact with each others. In fact, text messaging took its turned lớn become obsolete. We also shouldn’t neglect the nguồn of social media, which escalated as powerful tool for political communication. Obama, who once remarked this, had successfully gained followers to lớn help him won the presidential election. But internet has several negative’ side as well. Instant Messenger, for instance, had been pointed out as scapegoat for making youngster became more “autistic” due to its nature in physical inactivity. When distance no longer an issue in interaction & having gadget in hand, it is all what it takes lớn start mingle with your peers. Not to lớn mention, these days news related to lớn social media’s crime scene had brought horror to certain people. It also pledged guilty as the predisposition factor for increasing numbers of infidelity & divorce among couple. So as the mạng internet has brought a lot of advantages khổng lồ human civilization and had triumphantly change the way we communicate, the cons inevitably followed as its consequences. Thus, we all shall take precaution with it.

Bạn đang xem: The widespread use of the internet has brought many problems

Please phản hồi on my essay

Jan 24, 2015 Few Errors Highlighted by: Chaya 1. If we remember -is more like the spoken language You need to formalize your language. To recall even in the 80's, postal mail continued to be the conventional mode of communication. No 80th 80's, 90's. No abbreviation like a.k.a2. The way people communicated -past tense in 90's3.In present times sounds better.4. At the tốc độ of light5. Either expense or cost. Not both.6.collecting dust- not dusk7. Smartphone---have overtaken- plural hence plural verb- subject verb agreement.8. Blackberry have made interaction very easy making even text messages obsolete.9. Which has escalated khổng lồ become a powerful tool for poli...10. Remarked on this aspect has ... Help him win 11. However, the negatives impact of internet cannot be ignored or overlooked.sorry I am out of time. You need to lớn work on ur writing skills especially the grammatical errors và sentence formation
Jan 27, 2015
Thank you Chaya by: MomAmadeus Thank you chaya for taking time to nhận xét my essay. Very glad to lớn read it. You have underline some of my flaws. Can i liên hệ you directly through email?

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The widespread use of the mạng internet has brought many problems. What vì chưng you think are the main problems associated with the use of the web? What solutions can you suggest?Technology advances, especially with computers and web, passed many stages khổng lồ reach many people & become available khổng lồ everyone including teenagers. However these advances do not come without any cost và disadvantages. Such these advantages could be classified to lớn different degrees in their severity and may affect health và time or could affect people culture & traditions.Generally people, nowadays, browse the web during their không tính tiền time. This may involve wasting a lot of their valuable time so they become addict khổng lồ it without thinking seriously about their health. Research shows that people sit for long hours in front of computers monitor could suffer from many health problems such as back pain, dry eyes and other joints injuries. I think the most obvious solution is by reducing the browsing time to the minimum & following a restricted fixed schedule about what to bởi vì within aim lớn achieve specific tasks.Another well-known issue is family based, appears when children & teenager getting khổng lồ use the web. They could spend many hours in activities lượt thích playing online games and browsing unsocial websites. This could lead to bad performance & behavior at school. Furthermore, they may not be able lớn complete their homework which escalated lớn not attending school. This problem could be overcome by controlling browsing time and access. For examples, parents could install software such as parental control or implementing access functionality like username and password.Lastly, a familiar problem is facing all business with their employees. They are claiming that most employees who need the internet to vày their work spend many hours visiting unnecessary websites and reading unwanted emails. Such as issue could be solved by IT department by installing serves và proxies that limit access và block unwanted emails.To conclude mạng internet is a very useful giải pháp công nghệ that give many possibilities khổng lồ people khổng lồ use at work, school and trang chủ which I think personally should not misused or overused.Please can someone read and comment on my Use of the mạng internet Essay - Problems and Solutions

Mar 01, năm ngoái Hi by: Anonymous Hi Samir,However I am not a subject matter in this topic, I read your essay with great joy. It is a well built up essay, I personally could just wish that once I will be able khổng lồ write an essay like yours. I bởi vì prepare myself for an English exam, so I was really happy to have the chance to lớn read và to learn how to built up my own one when time shows up.

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Advantages và Disadvantages

by Devi (Indonesia)

The mạng internet is probably the most significant invention of the last 30 years. Without it our lives would be completely different. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet?Recently, mạng internet of công nghệ makes many different habits in our life. People vày many things on internet. Actually, now not only adults and teenagers use internet, but also children too. There are a lot of negative effects và positive effects of internet. In fact, smart people use mạng internet to help their activities, and few other people use mạng internet just lớn waste their time. Because of that, I agree with this statement.I believe that mạng internet has two benefits in the world. The first, knowledge is very important to all people, internet công nghệ can help people for studying & finding many science. For example, there are in school not enough teachers khổng lồ give information about anything, students use computer to find what they want to improve their knowledge.The second, business include important thing to lớn human life, all people need money, while mạng internet makes business easy and fast. For example, if you have ability to sell some things và you vì not have financial to build your business, & then you can use mạng internet to introduce your product, such as facebook, twitter, instagram and blog.Internet makes something different every time, it gives education và entertainment to make your life easy, comfortable & happy. Recently, everyone with internet giải pháp công nghệ feels different thought their activities.Please bình luận on my advantages and disadvantages of the mạng internet essay

Jan 18, 2015 my phản hồi on What are the advantages & disadvantages of the mạng internet by: Anonymous Hi, It is a good start, but you will thua thảm a huge point in task achievement point because you did not write about the disadvantages of the internet. Also, I think you need to địa chỉ more a complex sentences & compound sentence. This trang web includes an excellent explanation of that. You will find it at lessons section, then click on grammar section. Lastly, I think you should include more transitions word such as moreover, whereas, so - you can learn the strategy from this site. You said that you agree that there are people have used the mạng internet in useful aspects và others have used them in useless things. I guess this is totally different from the question which are if the mạng internet change the world và how we can people live without it.thanks
Nov 20, 2015
spelling by: Anonymous too many spelling mistakes 'Actifities' instead of 'activities' for example. All in all its okay it helped.

Jan 20, 2016
It's good...But it could have been better by: Darshan It's good...But it could have been better

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Decline of Face-to-Face Communication

by Ayesha Arooba (Quetta, Baluchistan)

With an increasing population communicating via the internet và text messaging, face lớn face communication will become a thing of the past. Lớn what extent vị you agree? Recently, the survey by Pew Research Center's Global Attitude Project, has declared March 21 lớn May 15, 2015, that social networking is popular in many nations around the globe. In particular, cellphones & social truyền thông media are owned by overwhelming large majority of people around the world. Also, survey has declared, text massaging is a global phenomenon-across the 21st countries. Undoubtedly, social networking is hurting human interaction.Initially, Pew Internet và American Life Project mix up a study on uses of cellphones và Charing & results are not so much surprising because every juvenile is more likely prefer text messaging. Even though it may be convenient in many ways, like telling someone something very important when you don't want khổng lồ talk him/her face to lớn face. Lots of times, texting is being used so much that face-to-face communication is demolished. Even eye contact is gradually going away; people are becoming more and more avoidant and forbearing. This lack of body language eliminates sincerity in typical conversation. The reason is sarcasm và other moods & attitude are not as clear through text as it could be in regular conversation.Apart from this, texting or using internet are becoming an addiction. Many psychologists also believe that it is more than that a mental illness. Even so, constant texting jeopardize physical, emotional & cognitive health.Particularly, one of the disadvantages of using advanced communication systems is this, relationships, friendships, letter writing, sending occasional cards are ruined their importance by chatting. The skill of writing has vanished, even no occasional cards are sent so as no more love remained between two people. Quality time isn't the same anymore as it was, since everyone is on their own technology. Mostly, interaction is through internet or chatting, so when you wish to lớn meet face-to-face is now weird.Eventually, percentage around the world a out using social networking is higher in U.S. 50% and in Israel 53%, but this critical condy reveals that this addiction besieged everyone in its web. And in result, this totally ruined human interaction. Also averted people from regular conversation & gossips. The electronic communication deteriorates the people & their relationships that it urges us to forcely say that face-to-face communication soon will apart of past.

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Jan 05, năm nhâm thìn
Great... by: Haris I'm totally agree what this essays says.... It really hurts the human face to lớn face interaction

Jan 06, 2016
thank u Mr. Haris for reading this essay by: Ayesha Arooba Thank u Mr. Haris for reading this essay

Oct 07, 2016
Essay by: Aruige This trang web is very interesting because it helps you lớn understand the thing you are research on

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Problems of the Internet

by Bhaskar shiva

Besides a lot of advantages, some people believe that the internet creates many problems. Khổng lồ what extent vày you agree or disagree with this statement?Now a days, mạng internet has been used in every field such as in education, hospital, business, companies, và so on. Internet has been a vast means of communication. I agree with the statement và I would like to give my opinion in the following paragraphs.There are many positive effects in the usage of internet. First of all, through internet one can be connected with the world easily and efficiently. Second, in the olden days, sending a letter lớn a person living in another area has been a very difficult situation because, it takes one or two days time to lớn reach its destination, but now it has become very easy, if u send a mail to lớn a person living in another area or country, it will reach in seconds lớn its destination. Finally, chatting can be done with the people around the world using whatsapp. One small message can be sent to lớn number of people using internet. Now a days, social websites lượt thích facebook, twitter, has helped people lớn be connected with the people all around the world. Every simple doubt related to lớn education, business và so on can be clarified using the internet. Besides the positive effects, there are some negative impacts in the usage of internet. First of all, misusing mạng internet is one of the main disadvantage. Khổng lồ illustrate, using the mạng internet for hacking the mail id's, disturbing the social websites lượt thích facebook, twitter, by posting the bad things, và teasing the ladies by creating unknown accounts. Now a days, crimes are being done on the internet. Second, getting addicted lớn the mạng internet is also one of the negative impact. Lớn illustrate, people who vì chưng online jobs sitting at home needs some rest lớn their mind. In other words, refreshment should be given lớn their mind, if not their brains will be effected và many other problems will be a raising such as mental disorder, frustration towards the work và so on. With this intension people cannot enjoy their work. The suggestions to lớn be given based on internet are, internet must be used for a purpose, but not for pass time. Social websites must be reduced because through these websites virut may attack và the systems or mobiles may be damaged. Therefore, I strongly support the statement but, the mạng internet must be used lớn an extent. Using mạng internet more than the purpose may cause harm.

Xem thêm: Phong Trào Đấu Tranh Chính Trị Ở Miền Nam Trong Những Năm 1954

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Jun 16, năm ngoái Mr Khan - Problems of the internet Essay by: Anonymous Poorly organized & does not fulfil the purpose. Sentences structure & vocabulary are simple. Although I am not an IELTS examiner but if I am asked to lớn grade this easy, then I will grade it 5.5 or 6 band.

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