Music is a big part of my life which is a bit ironic considering I didn’t really take a liking to lớn music until I was well into my teens. These days, you can usually find me pounding away at the keyboard with my wireless headphones cranking out the jams.

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With the long holiday weekend ahead, we’re curious as khổng lồ what sort of music you enjoy. My taste in music varies greatly as I listen khổng lồ everything from ‘90s alternative & rock to lớn modern-day metal & even some underground rap, mostly depending on my mood. Feel miễn phí to giới thiệu your preferences or even your favorite bands / songs in the comments section below.

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I think most genres out there from the last 80 years have something great in it (even classics from pre 20th century).I listen lớn everything. Some music which people would clasify as horrible, tasteless, new age, modern hipster crap lớn classic rock, dance, new wave, hip hop, metal, country and so forth.Its a shame when younger generation (not everyone but a lot) simply bởi vì not appriciate music from 70s, 80s & even 90s. Each era has a strong defining genre(s)/artists.Music is probably my most favorite human art và could not live without it.
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Eh...I listen lớn music when I feel lượt thích it. Và nothing in particular, so does that answer your question?
Mostly downtempo, particularly lounge. I also enjoy some progressive rock occasionally, with a smattering of newer symphonic metal. I also appreciate the late 70"s and early 80"s pop & rock quite a bit. Yes, a lot of 80"s metal is absolutely epic and will never be equaled but I can"t listen lớn it for extended periods anymore...gettin" old, I guess There"s very little new đứng top 40 I can stand, either because its just outright garbage or because its so offensive that about a minute of every 3:05 track is (or should be) bleeped out. I think I can count on one hand the number of songs I"ve heard in the past 12 months that had any real degree of songwriting behind them and which were also safe lớn play with kids around (kids = anything pre-teen).
I used to lớn listen lớn mostly 90s rock, such as P.O.D., Limp Bizkit, Staind, etc. Really got into Thousand Foot Krutch và a few others awhile ago too.Then, a few years ago I mentioned to a friend how I wanted more electronic type music, và he introduced me to lớn everything that is EDM. So now, all I listen to lớn is EDM, with Skrux (no not Skrillex, look him up) being my favorite since I find his work rather original & skin-tingling. Blackmill, Seven Lions, & others are very original too, unlike the few that I always see toping any EDM ranking list.

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My fav is blues, rhythm and blues và white boy blues...currently listening khổng lồ a lot of Peter Green...again
Anything that sounds good really. Over 3000 hand picked songs on my phone ranging from techno to lớn pop khổng lồ country to lớn rock lớn folk khổng lồ classical...Mainly listen the songs for the melody (so very little rap), or if it"s catchy. And I definitely have some songs that people would judge me for lol
I tải về 4K or similar quality torrents with music-vids from several online trackers which include big tit girls on high heels. Not care much for the music though.
For the most part, everything. But I am partial khổng lồ Irish folk music. Dubliners, High Kings, Kilkennys, John McLean Allan, Cu Chulain. That sort of music. But there are great music in any genre you may find. There is just one kind I never ever listen to. Those talentless talentshow contestants who wins a show, makes a record, và are never heard of again. I don"t watch those shows, I don"t listen lớn their music. For me, music has lớn come from the heart,..continued.. Music has to lớn be sincere, and lyrics need khổng lồ have som kind of message."Shake that booty" lyrics is not my cup of tea. When lyrics have a message, then "Nothing else matters".
I don"t listen to music that much but when I bởi vì it is usually country. That doesn"t mean I like all country music, however. One other singer I lượt thích is classical crossover Jackie Evancho.
Classical, 80"s và older and any music (apart from that cacophonous mess called crap... Or maybe it"s called rap, same thing) that tickles my fancy, I don"t care about genre or style & I"ve never had a favorite band or artist.

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Carpenters to Korn; Aphex Twin khổng lồ Samuel Barber; Lauryn Hill to lớn Devin Townsend; Beatles lớn Fantomas; Miles Davis lớn NoFX; "A" lớn Z(Z Top) - you get the picture. There"s great stuff in most genres - enjoy it, celebrate it, but most of all keep listening khổng lồ it whatever it is.