Everything that surrounds us is defined as the environment; therefore, the natural resource around us on earth is our environment. It sustains life on the planet và provides abundance of resources. I have given below three essays of varying word lengths on the theme – ‘How lớn protect the environment’.

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Short và Long Essay on How to Protect the Environment in English

10 Lines Essay on How lớn Protect the Environment (100 - 120 Words)

1) We can protect the environment by reducing the usage of plastics.

2) Saving natural resources is a way lớn save the environment.

3) Choosing organic fertilizers instead of chemical pesticides will also be helpful.

4) Banning deforestation is a way lớn save our environment.

5) Opting bicycles in place of vehicles that produce air pollution.

6) Proper garbage và sewage treatment will be helpful for a good environment.

7) By campaigning and generating awareness among people, you can save the environment.

8) You can save the environment by opting 3Rs that are Recycle, Reduce, and Recycle.

9) Make use of renewable resources instead of limited resources.

10) Save electricity by switching off lights & choosing electric saver bulbs.

Essay 1 (250 Words) - How to lớn Protect the Environment


It is very essential for our environment to lớn stay clean and life-sustaining. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The environment we live in is being damaged by our own deeds. There is an urgent need lớn take proactive measures for environmental protection và involve the younger generation in it.

Steps for Environmental Protection

Below listed are some vitalpoints khổng lồ ensure that our environment stays out of harm’s way –

Ban the use of plastic bags và products.Ensure that your household waste is disposedthrough proper channel.Stop littering and also encourage others to lớn stopthe same.Don’t use chemical fertilizers & pesticides,rather go for organic ones.Minimize vehicle use as exhaust gases are thegreatest pollutants of air.Save forests và plant trees because they are thelungs of the environment.Minimize the use of groundwater or surface water.

Role of Students in Environment Protection

Students play a verysignificant role in environmental protection. They are sensitive, receptive, andtake any advice, suggestion, generously. There are several schools thatactively take participate in cleanliness campaigns.

Students are filled with energyand enthusiasm & their contribution khổng lồ such campaigns is incomparable. Also,a student who understands the value of the environment will teach the same toyounger & elders in his/her family.


It is very important that we keep our environment safe and không lấy phí from pollution. Roping in young students for the same will work wonders for the cause.

Essay 2 (400 Words) - How to lớn Improve Environmental Health


Everything that surrounds us is described as our environment. Going by this definition, our natural environment consists of – air, soil, water, forests, plants, hills, oceans, water bodies, etc. It is therefore in our own interest lớn protect the environment. In this essay, we will discuss on ways lớn improve the environment & the role of students in environmental protection.

How khổng lồ Improve Environmental Health

There are many ways khổng lồ improve the condition of the environment, but the most important ones are listed below –

Recycle và Reuse

A lot of waste that pollutes the environment consists ofdumped household materials that are no longer in use, like - plastic and glassbottles, tin cans, broken computers, or other plastic items, clothes, etc.These waste materials reach the soil and water and could stay there for years,polluting them & reducing their quality. If we just take a simple step ofrecycling the waste instead of throwing it into the environment, we would bedoing a great job of saving the environment.

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Save Trees

Trees are the lungs of theplanet; therefore, very essential members of the environment. They act asfilters too & keep the air quality index of a place high. They consume carbondioxide & emit life-essential oxygen. No need khổng lồ mention the millions of lifeforms that the trees sustain – birds, insects, reptiles, etc. The more threeswe save, we would be doing a great deal towards improving environmental health.

Don’t Litter

How many of you have noticedplastic bags, bottles, food packages, etc. Littered around at places likebeaches, monuments, và market places. The litter is the most damaging lớn theenvironment for it simply rots & pollutes it. The best we can bởi vì to save theenvironment is khổng lồ not litter. Make it a habit lớn dispose of the waste properlyin a dust bin. If you don’t see one around you then wait until you see one.

Educate và Inspire

We should educate & makeothers aware of the environment and how can it be preserved. Special stressshould be given on teaching the youngsters and the children. When youngchildren are taught about the value of the environment, they will acknowledgeits significance when they grow up. We should also inspire others by plantingtrees and organizing cleanliness campaigns.


The protection of the environment is in the hands of humans. Only humans can take initiative & save the environment, thereby saving lives on the planet.


Essay 3 (600 Words) - Reasons và Ways to lớn Protect the Environment


In simple words, the environment refers khổng lồ everything that surrounds us. The trees, plants, forests, rivers, & all are our natural environment. Unfortunately, this natural environment of ours is under threat due khổng lồ human activities. Humans are damaging the environment on a daily basis, pressing the need for its protection. In this essay, we will discuss on why in the first place we need khổng lồ protect the environment và the ways we can vị so.

Whydo we Need to lớn Protect the Environment?

The environment is our home. This is where we live.In fact, it is the most essential requirement for life. Below listed are somemain reasons of why should we protect the environment.

Gives us food

Ourenvironment is the prime source of food that we eat. Everything from grains,cereals to lớn fruits, vegetables, etc. Is produced in the environment. Will it bepossible for such a huge population to survive without such an abundant foodsupply? By damaging the environment we are only impeding our own food supply.

Supplies Essential Life Elements (NaturalResources)

The environment gives us the two very essentialelements, necessary for life – air & water. We all need air to lớn live, be itanimals, plants, or even aquatic animals need oxygen and fresh air. Water isanother basic life-sustaining element. If we damage our environment, we arecutting our own supplies of clean air và water.

Sustains Livelihood

Billions of people throughout the globe depend onthe environment for their livelihood. They have taken up business out of somany resources that the environment provides. Farmers, fruit sellers,fishermen, etc., all depend on the environment for a living.

Supports the Complete Eco-System

A balanced & non-damaged environment supports thecomplete ecosystem in such a way that the planet becomes supportive of life.With a balanced ecosystem, life flourishes, và species expand.

Howcan we Protect the Environment – 5 Simple Ways?

Below we will go through five simple ways lớn protectthe environment -

Control Waste

Improperdisposal of waste is the main problem that threatens the environment today. Thewaste just spreads into the environment, getting into the soil, water, & airand polluting them. Proper waste disposal techniques must be employed khổng lồ reduceenvironmental damage.

Rain Water Harvesting

Water, either surface or underground water, is anessential resource that impacts the overall health of the environment. If thewater runs dry, so would the environment. Rainwater harvesting is a good optionto save water & the environment as well.

Become Eco-Friendly

It would be in the best interest of the environment,for us lớn become environment savvy. We can vì that by using bio-degradablecarry bags instead of plastic, using paper bags, planting trees, taking part incleanliness campaigns, & a lot more.

Stay Away from Chemicals

Avoid the use of chemicals as far as possible,primarily in the agriculture sector. If it cannot be avoided then at least makesure that no chemical reaches the environment và is neutralized after use.

Walk More Drive Less

Vehicles today have become the main source ofenvironmental pollution. The exhaust emits poisonous và harmful gases into theenvironment. If we chose khổng lồ use vehicles only when it is unavoidable, then wewould be helping the environment become clean và healthy.

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The environment is the place where we live in và making it dirty would be the last thing you would like to do. It is our duty lớn keep the environment clean & safe for life – not our own but also of other living species as well.