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Imbued with tradition and rituals, festivals provide an authentic way đồ sộ see the “real” Vietnam. The calendar is peppered with events, but here are five of our favourites.

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Dates for each can vary year on year (in accordance with the lunar calendar), sánh it’s worth checking in advance đồ sộ avoid disappointment. If you want đồ sộ make sure you’re going at the right time – either đồ sộ avoid the busy periods or get đồ sộ experience these amazing festivities – get in touch with us!

1. Hue Arts Festival

Tradition dancers at Hue Arts Festival

If you consider yourself somewhat of a culture vulture, Hue Arts Festival is a must. As a celebration of customs practised during the Nguyen dynasty, it’s a great insight into the vibrant art scene and fascinating heritage of this historical town.

There are impressive showcases – from theatre and live music đồ sộ film screenings and street performances – as well as activities including boat races, kite flying and human chess games. Note: The festival takes place every two years.

2. Hoi An Lantern Festival

Casting lanterns on the river at Hoi An Lantern Festival

As perhaps Vietnam’s most famous festival, the Hoi An Lantern Festival draws huge numbers of visitors. This charming town is a firm favourite amongst visitors anyway, but when the lights go out, and those twinkly lanterns are sent down the river it’s particularly special.

Join the crowds on the banks, or find your way đồ sộ a sampan boat đồ sộ see the best of it. For more information about the festival, including top tips and 2023 dates visit here.

3. Wandering Souls Day/Ghost Festival (Trung Nguyen)

Imperial Citadel in Hue

The story behind Wandering Souls Day, the second largest festival after Vietnamese New Year (Tet), is one of the most interesting of Vietnam’s festivals. This Buddhist celebration is built on the belief that a person’s soul is sent đồ sộ heaven or hell when they die.

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On Wandering Souls Day (or Trung Nguyen), those sinful souls who find themselves in the latter may return đồ sộ their mortal homes for absolution. The day before the celebration, families travel đồ sộ the temples đồ sộ make offerings of flowers and food for those souls without relatives, and altars are phối up in each home page with food offerings đồ sộ guide ancestral spirits home page.

4. Perfume Pagoda Festival

Boat on the perfume river in Vietnam

Every year, thousands of Buddhist pilgrims travel by boat across the Yen Vi River đồ sộ the caves of the Huong Tich Mountain. Take on the hundreds of stone steps đồ sộ the top đồ sộ see colourful parades, traditional performances, long-practiced rituals and đồ sộ try local food – fortunately there are plenty of shrines đồ sộ rest your feet at on the way up.

5. Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam

The mid-autumn festival was originally conceived as an opportunity for parents đồ sộ spend time with their children following the harvest season. As a celebration of children, the streets are normally filled with kids singing and taking part in lantern parades. 

Don’t miss the chance đồ sộ try a mooncake during the festival (an ode đồ sộ the full moon); this sweet dessert (normally containing red bean paste and salted egg yolk) is a treat.

For dates and more information about festivals and events in Vietnam, get in touch with us. With a wealth of experience in the country, we’ll be happy đồ sộ help you plan your holiday.

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